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About Clove Cigarettes Online
Clove Cigarettes Online specializes in the cigarette and cigar business.  Our online cigarette store, established in 2005, is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We offer a large selection of both domestic clove cigarettes brands and International brand cigarettes. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the clove cigarette market, we can assist our customers in any manner and assure providing quality products..

We at always welcome your questions or input and will respond to your inquiries within 24 hours by email or to a day-time telephone you have provided.  All products are shipped securely and confidentially from our Indonesian warehouses directly to your address.  We ship our cigarettes via express air mail (EMS) to all over the world - to end users or to wholesalers.
Even after the US Clove Cigarettes BANNED in September 2009.
Partnering with Main Indonesian Post Office, is committed to providing our customers with excellent services -- priority of speed, accuracy, safety and express delivery.  We GUARANTEE that your goods WILL BE DELIVERED!!


We want to be the BEST online store providing cigarettes and cigars to our customers.  We may not be the largest, but our goal of being the best is being achieved.  Our vision is to continuously improve and expand as a company that specializes in the business of cigarette and cigar sales with an emphasis on quality, technical assistance and excellent service.


Our  goals are to provide our patrons with:
  1. A one-stop shop for an impressive range of exotic tobacco products
  2. Honesty and integrity
  3. Quality goods at affordable prices
  4. Never sacrifice quality for price
  5. Excellent customer servicing
Our mission is to deliver the highest value to our clients -- professionally delivered with the breadth and depth of our employees' expertise.
"Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal"
"By Derwin CloveCigarettesOnline"
Indonesian Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes Online Store

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By purchasing clove cigarettes you identify yourself to be at least 18 years old or legal smoking age in your state.
Before Purchase Order, please ensure that importing cigarettes by mailorder or internet is ALLOWED by your country or state law.
Any confiscated item by custom office WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.
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