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White wrapping Filtered clove cigarettes. Cappucino Flavor. Tar Volume 25 mg Nicotine Volume 1.6 mg. The price are for...
Sales price: $26.95
Djarum Black Clove Cigarettes are Black wrapping Paper and Black Filtered clove cigarettes. Tar Volume 25 mg Nicotine Volume...
Sales price: $26.95
Djarum Black Menthol Clove Cigarettes wrapping Menthol Filtered clove cigarettes. Tar Volume 25 mg Nicotine Volume 1.6...
Sales price: $26.95
UNAVAILABLE.... White wrapping Tea Taste Filtered clove cigarettes. Tar Volume 25 mg Nicotine Volume 1.6 mg. The...
Sales price: $1,000.00
Djarum Super (almost have the same taste with Djarum Special in the US) or "Reds". 1 slof contains 10 packs @ 16 clove...
Sales price: $33.00
Djarum Black CappucinoDjarum Black Cappucino
Djarum BlackDjarum Black
Djarum Black MentholDjarum Black Menthol
Djarum Black TeaDjarum Black Tea
Djarum Super 16 (Specials)Djarum Super 16 (Specials)

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