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Davidoff Cigarettes

Davidoff CigarettesIf you ask someone if they have ever heard of Davidoff cigarettes - the answer would be a definite \'Yes\'. If you ask an experienced smoker if he has ever tried a Davidoff cigarette - the answer would be the same. This is because Davidoff cigarettes are really one of those premium tobacco brands that managed to spread worldwide and win appraisal within large groups of smokers. The product line of Davidoff cigarettes comprises the full flavor \"Classic\", somewhat softer \"Mild\", \"Lights\" for those who prefer frequent smoking, \"Ultra Lights\" for the smokers who enjoy soft cigarettes, \"Menthol\" for the fresh mint taste lovers and \'Magnum\' which is actually the first cigarette brand from Zino Davidoff. Now Davidoff Magnum is a premium cigarette brand within the Davidoff cigarettes family. These cigarettes offer rich flavor, tobacco blends from the best provinces and are sold at a somewhat higher price than other flavors. Due to certain legal issues Davidoff cigarettes cant be sold in the USA. Despite the ban, however, many Americans continue enjoying the wonderful flavor of cigarettes Davidoff as it\'s possible to purchase this brand\'s cigarettes through many online cigarette store. Tobacco used to produce Davidoff cigarettes comes from the Dominican Republic and selected tobacco plants of the USA. The decision to switch to the Dominican Republic as the main tobacco supplier was made in 1991 and was widely discussed as a very risky one. Those who prefer Davidoff cigarettes were not familiar with Dominican tobacco. But as quality is what counts at the end, Davidoff fans enjoyed the change of the blend and the cigarette brand became even more popular.

1 Carton / Slof Contains 200 Cigarettes. Original Imported Cigarettes.
Sales price: $39.00
1 Carton / Slof Contains 200 Cigarettes. Imported...
Sales price: $39.00
Davidoff ClassicDavidoff Classic
Davidoff Gold LightsDavidoff Gold Lights

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