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Djarum Black Mild

Djarum Black Mild (Double Filter) is New Clove Cigarettes Product from Djarum.
Sales price: $26.95
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Djarum Black is internationally recognized for its blend of the finest tobaccos and cloves in unique black wrapping, BUT this one is Mild version, so this one is White Wrapping.

Djarum Black Mild (clove cigarettes) is New Product from Djarum (Double Fiter) . Cigarette sticks are white, and between the filter and the words Black Mild tobacco, where Black is black and white Mild. In the filter there is a hole in it there is a triangle and a red filer.

So Djarum Black Mild has an Innovative Double Filter.

TAR = 10MG Nicotine = 0.8 MG

1 Carton, Contains : 10 packs x 16 cigs.

Djarum Black Mild Clove Cigarettes

Rating: 5/5


Thursday, 23 February 2017
Disappointing. The LA Lights were really good so I expected these to be too, since I like regular Djarum Black so much. Not so. Easily the worst of everything Djarum. Like sucking on a bad air filter from an air conditioner.
Saturday, 28 January 2017
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