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GG Mild Shiver

GG-Mild-Shiver, known as Gudang Garam mild Menthol, Contains 10 MG TAR, 0.8 MG Nicotine.
Sales price: $25.00
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GG-Mild-Shiver, known as Gudang Garam mild Menthol.

The new mild menthol flavour with rich of indonesian cloves, made this new Clove Cigarettes become popular in the market.
"GG Mild menthol is a perfect blend blend between high flavour of cloves and tobacco, made from the best indonesian ingredient giving the special aroma with the smoothness in every smoke. Still using the strong Gudang Garam basic sensation, that you will never forget..."

Contains 10 MG TAR, 0.8 MG Nicotine.

1 carton contains 160 Mild Clove Cigarettes.

Rating: 0/5


Saturday, 28 January 2017
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