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ESSE POP Blueberry

ESSE POP Blueberry Clove Cigarettes
Sales price: $25.95
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ESSE POP Blueberry Clove Cigarettes

Taste the ONLY ONE Blueberry Clove Cigarettes,

Me personally tried this Clove and the taste is AMAZING....

For all menthol smokers, i suggest you to try....This might be replacement for your general menthol cigarettes =)


Price is for 1 carton contain 10 packs, with 15mg Tar and 0.9 Nicotine.




Rating: 5/5


Sunday, 02 April 2017
These are amazing. I like esse alot even their regular menthol lights.. but i got sick of the esse change mainly because they were too small and the menthol seemed inc and they were either super or nano slims... but these are like the prime of their brand. They are regular slims which are just basically just a little smaller than a regular cigarette but not really noticable like less than half a mm difference in diameter, but also slightly longer too. Now as for the taste reminds me of a gg pro mixed with the signnature black.. its got a really good sweet taste with slight bubble gum after taste. Then when you crush capsule you get an awesome berry taste almost like blackberry and blueberry with a little more bubble gum flavor. I think i detect maybe a little menthol but its not really noticable. It wouldnt bother nonmenthol smokers, my friend cant stand menthol and they loved it. These are worth trying and im already planning to get more. They may have too much flavor to be your all day smoke, but they are a very enjoyable smoke. If you like kreteks and like fruity flavors then try this unique treat. You wont be disapointed.

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